Vision, Mission and Objectives Vision, Mission and Objectives

Make real a prosperous Ethiopia by formulating development policies, preparing development plan and budget, mobilizing and administering external resources, installing modern, efficient, effective and accountable public finance and property administration and controlling system.

Become a capable and leading organization for the realization of faster, sustainable and equitable economic development.

1.Law, regulation and guideline for success
2.Culture for a team work
3.Initiative to learn and change
4.Outcome that centered customers’ satisfaction

Strategic Pillars
1.Public finance administration and control
2.Resource mobilization and effective utilization
3.Economic leadership and management 

Strategic Objectives
1. National perspective
 1.1.Ensure faster, sustainable and equitable economic growth
 1.2.Improve the macro-economic administration
 1.3.Scale up the supply of resource for development
 1.4.Harmonize population issues with economic growth
 1.5.Enhance the delivery and distribution of information and communication
 1.6.Boost developmental partnership and cooperation

2. Resource Perspective
 2.1.Improve the effectiveness of resource utilization
 2.2.To better resource flow 

3. Operational system perspective
 3.1.Improve public finance and internal audit operation systems
 3.2.Strengthen monitoring and evaluation systems
 3.3.Improve development planning and budget preparation system 
 3.4.Improve information communication system

4. Learning and growth perspective
 4.1.Develop the skill, knowledge and attitude of human resource
 4.2.Make the working environment conducive
 4.3.Improve leadership and decision making capacity
 4.4.Increase the supply of information technology