Ministry of Finance Ethiopia

Powers and Duties of the Bilateral Cooperation Directorate

  1. Propose new financial resources from abroad which support the Economic development of the country; and propose detail action plan for the implementation of the cooperation when it is approved.
  2. Lead various negotiations taken place with our development partner governments; and follow up the implementation of the fulfillment of the pre conditions which sated in the agreement in order to start the implementation.
  3. Prepare the Joint Commission meetings which are taking place with our development partner governments by coordinating the Ethiopian side; and follow up the signing agreements and agreed minutes of the meetings to satisfy the Ethiopian interest in various fields.
  4. Organize upto date information in relation with the countries general situation and economic development in order to feed the development partner governments; and disseminate the information in the meetings and other forums.
  5. Propose ideas in order to strengthen the bilateral cooperation with African and other developing countries with the aim of strengthen the south south cooperation; and follow up the implementation of the initiations with coordination of the implementing partners.
  6. Follow up the implementation status of various projects/programs supported by development partner governments in using different mechanisms; and solve the problems happening in due process of the implementation.
  7. Prepare information and data regarding the projects/programmes supported by development partner governments; and disseminate for appropriate partners as it is required.
  8. Play a lead role in the expert level at the Joint Commission Meetings.
  9. Coordinate assistances coming to the country in the form of Technical Assistance(TA), volunteers support and short term and long term trainings in the aim of building the capacities of the country in order to achieve the development plan and economic growth; and propose new ideas so as to widen the assistances and satisfy the interest of the country.