Ministry of Finance Ethiopia

Government Account Directorate Duties and Responsibilities

  • Identifying bank advises and statements for government revenue and expenditures, recording the transaction register on daily and monthly bases, reconciling the data with public bodies record and then produce and prevail the daily situation report for management decisions.
  • Receiving and Checking the monthly reports from each public bodies, reconciling it with central treasury account registration, consolidating the accounting data, submitting the consolidated report to OFAG for auditing and then dispatch the report to users.
  • Receiving and mapping the 9 regions and 2 city administrations closed account and then consolidating the report and dispatch it to the users.
  • Consolidating the federal and regional account reports and dispatching the nation-wide account report to the different stakeholders and users
  • Checking public bodies’ write-off requests and submitting the decision to the relevant body accordingly.
  • Undertaking the follow up audit on public bodies whether or not rectified the findings.
  • Undertaking regular research and development works on government account system reforms.