Ministry of Finance Ethiopia

Internal Audit Service Directorate


To enable meetings of the targets, mission, vision & activities by the ministry, achievements of value for money through controlling and ensuring the attainment of the budget to the objectives aimed, verifying the existence of effective internal control & providing advisory service to the management.


  • To assure the proper implementation of government proclamation, rules, directive, policy and strategies
  • Assure the procurement activities of the Ministry is done economically and effectively
  • Assure the internal control effectiveness with respect to account receivable and account payable management.
  • Assure the organization, completion and reliability of data’s or recording of financial and other relevant documents.
  • Assure the organization have proper safeguarding of asset, the accuracy of the recording, and property administration as well as successful resource utilization.
  • Assure whether the standards set by the Ministry are designed to be economical and effective and also make sure that the Ministry’s duties are done according the standards.
  • To perform special investigation when there is a special mission/order by the management.
  • Verify the goals, programs, projects and other activities of the Ministry are done economically, efficiently and effectively.
  • Evaluate the internal control of the Ministry with respect to design effectiveness and operational effectiveness.  
  • To give support to external audit when needed and follow-up on the rectification of audit findings.
  • To give advisory service to the management without any violation of the professional independence.
  • Give advice to the management on strengthening of the internal controls to mitigate the risks that may encounter. 
  • Participate in the procurement of goods and services as a witness when necessary.