Ministry of Finance Ethiopia


United Nation Agencies, Climate Change Facility and Regional Economic Cooperation Directorate Mandate 

  • Forge, manage and coordinate development cooperation with the United Nation Agencies and follow up-on the impact of same on national development efforts
  • Mobilize, blend, combine and sequence domestic and international, public and private finance to support the institutional building and implementation of Ethiopia’s Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) Strategy; and
  • Strengthen regional and sub-regional economic cooperation and integration.


Key responsibilities include:

Coordinate UN Agencies activities including:

  • Coordinate the preparation of UN Development Assistance Frameworks (UNDAF), and UN Agencies Country Partnership Documents in line to the nation’s Development Plans
  • Coordinate the activities of UN Agencies and their national implementing partners in the preparation of project designs and Annual Work Plans.
  • Oversee the equitable allocation of UN Funds to national implementing partners at the federal and regional level
  • Support and coordinate national stakeholders in the implementation of UN-assisted programs and projects including capacity building at all levels
  • Collaborate with UN Agencies to mobilize additional resources that are necessary for achieving the UNDAF goals.

CRGE Facility

  • Forge partnerships with and mobilize resources from international climate finance institutions
  • Ensure national compliance with international standards and requirements (including on the monitoring, reporting and verification of activities, and the effective and transparent use of finance) to facilitate accession to international fund


  • Formulate strategies, manuals and guidelines for climate change financing and oversee implementation accordingly
  • Oversee the allocation and utilization of external climate finance resources to national stakeholders
  • Sign and administer Emissions Purchase Agreements or other forms of contractual obligations, and monitors the reduction Green House Gas emission.
  • Support and coordinate national partners in the development and implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies including the preparation of CRGE initiatives and projects with greater national significance by sector Ministries/Agencies. 

Regional Cooperation

  • Coordinate national activities in relation to agreements, and protocols, which aim to facilitate regional integration
  • Analyze the possible impact of regional and sub-regional cooperation agreements and protocols and prepare country standpoints
  • It coordinates and monitors regional agreements which are approved by policy organs,The Directorate also serves as the coordinator of the country’s development cooperation effectiveness efforts in liaison with all–bilateral and multilateral partners and donors including monitoring of aid data and adherence to international development cooperation effectiveness principles