Ethiopia and UNIDO Signed a 3.5 Million Euro Grant Agreement

Oct. 6, 2023

The Ministry of Finance and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) signed a project in Addis Abeba that worth 3.5 million Euro financed by the government of Italy.

The project, namely “Support to Youth and Women through the Development Products, Services, and Public Private Partnerships” is aimed to support the job creation efforts of the government through improving the institutional capacities to encourage talented youth and women in the area of entrepreneurship. The project will be implemented in two years and implemented with the Ministry of Labor and Skills (MoLS).

During the signing ceremony, State Minister of Finance Semereta Sewasew remarked that Ethiopia has untapped potential of job opportunities in various sectors, of which promoting private business and entrepreneurship is among the prime focus of the government.

She added that this project will facilitate the creation of opportunities for the talented Ethiopian youth and women focusing on institutional capacity building through enabling them to provide quality services to the youth and women. Specifically, the project will contribute to upgrading the designing capacities of entrepreneurs, promoting innovative culture, and strengthening Public Private Partnerships (PPP).

The project document was signed by H.E Semereta Sewasew, State Minister of MoF, and Ms. Aurelia Patrizia Calabro, UNIDO Representative and Regional Director.