Ministry of Finance Ethiopia

Channel One Program Coordinating Unit Directorate (COPCU)

  • Design Channel One Programs, Loan & Assistance & implement
  • Review & monitor Programs implementation.
  • Prepare & Administer Programs component budget & Record in data base systems.
  • Prepare Financial Reports of programs, Facilitate Program audits, take action on audit findings.
  • Take all necessary action to make donor funds disbursed to government, transfer funds to implementing entities and monitor fund utilization.
  • Undertake procurement activates for goods & Services.
  • Organize varies Financial Management Trainings, Seminars & Workshops
  • Under take all activates regarding citizen engagement
  • Coordinate, Monitor & Evaluate the Enhancing Shared Prosperity through Equitable Service /ESPES/ Program.
  • Manage and Coordinate electronics payments.
  • Coordinate, manage & monitor State-enterprise Financial movement
  • Prepare manpower & salary scale guidelines for Channel One Programs.
Final SA Implementation Guide MoF COPCD 1 April, 2022 COPCD Clean
FTA SA Grm Linkage Guidelines Last Version
ESAP IDA Implementation Manual for New Woredas COPCD 150922 Final 1
Audit 2013 Report UIIDP-P4R12
Audit 2013 Report UIIDP-IPF JULY
Audit 2013 Report UIIDP-IPF
OWNP-CWA Phase I EFY 2013(2021) Audit report Financial Statement.PDF
OWNP-CWA Phase II EFY 2013(2021) Audit report Financial Statement
Ethiopian Digital Foundations Project
Audit 2013 Report UIIDP-P4R.PDF
Ethiopian Social Accountability Program (ESAP
UPSNJP EFY 2013 audit report
UPSNP EFY 2013 audit report
GEQIP-E P4R Annual Audit report July 07,20001 Financial Statment
GEQIP-E IPF Annual Audit report July 07,20210001 (1) Financial Statment
ፕሮግራም ችፕሮጀክቶች ለሚቀጠሩ ጊዜያዊ የኮንትራት ሰራተኞች የደመወዝ ክፍያ አተገባበር መመሪያ
One WaSH National Program Phase II EFY 2012(2020) Financial Audit Report
One WaSH National Program Phase I EFY 2012(2020) Financial Audit Report.
GEQIP-II 2012EFY Audit report0001.pdf
GEQIP-E IPF 2012EFY Audit report .pdf
GEQIP-E IPF 2012EFY Audit report
Audit 7,2020 ULGDIP-II0001
Audit July 7,2020 UIIDP-IPF0001
Audit July 7,2020 UIIDP P4R0001
UPSNP EFY 2012 audit report
urban local government project phase 2
OWNP-CWA Phase I EFY 2011 audit report 5.3 MB
UPSNP Annual audit 2011EFY 5.6 MB
UPSNP Annual audit 2011EFY 9.3 MB
Enhancing Shared Prosperity Through Equitable Services AF Investment Project Financing Grant Independent Audit Report 3.3 MB
EERBFP 2010 EFY Audit report 4.4 MB
EERBFP 2011 EFY Audit report 5.1 MB
Public Financial Management Project IDA Credit Number 5766-ET 3.9 MB
GEQIP II 2011EFY Audit Report 6.2 MB
GEQIP-E IPF 2011EFY Audit Report 5.0 MB
GEQIP-E IPF 2011EFY Audit Report 5.0 MB
GEQIP-E P4R 2011EFY Audit Report 4.6 MB
GEQIP-E P4R 2010EFY Audit Report 4.6 MB
ULGDP -audit 20180001 4.5 MB
ULGDP-II Audit 20190001 4.8 MB
2011 EFY annual audit report IPF0001 5.5 MB
UPSNJP EFY 2013 audit report
UPSNP EFY 2010 Audit report
UPSNP EFY 2010 Audit report
UIIDP (P4R) annual audit 20190001 4.8 MB
GEQP II Audit Findings of EFY20090001.pdf for Communication 6.1 MB
ESMF of One WaSH-CWA Phase II 2.0 MB
RPF of One WaSH-CWA Phase II 1.9 MB
Social Assesment for Ethiopia One WaSH -CWA - 11019.WBcleared (1) 16.6 MB
UPSNP 2009 Audit Report0001 6.1 MB