Ethiopia Uses the “Triple Nexus” Approach for Recovery Efforts in Tigray Region

March 31, 2021

The Ministry of Finance and National Disaster Risk Management Commission (NDRMC) held a meeting with Development Partners Group to provide updates on humanitarian assistance and discuss a comprehensive recovery plan for Tigray region.
The meeting chaired by H.E Yasmin Wohabrebbi, State Minister of Finance focused on discussing the current coordination mechanisms on the collective delivery of humanitarian assistance. It was also used to explain about the objectives of having a comprehensive plan towards recovery which will have at its core the accelerated restoration of development programs, governance, peace, and security in affected parts of Tigray.
In the meeting, State Minister Yasmin emphasized why it is important to avoid a fragmented approach to the situation in Tigray by saying that this would result in waste of resources, duplication of efforts, and unnecessarily extend the crisis.
She explained about the importance of having a comprehensively designed recovery plan for Tigray, which recognizes the valu of having a strong coordination mechanism and has at its bases the commitment of the Government’s leadership and the unwavering support of development partners for its success.
State Minister Yasmin also said the recently conducted joint recovery assessment by the Government and multiple development partners will serve as the basis for collaborative planning. 
In this aspect, she emphasized that the recovery plan for the region will fully embed the triple nexus approach bringing together humanitarian actors, along with national and local counterparts, in support of agreed collective plans and outcomes in areas of humanitarian assistance, development, and peace. She also elaborated how this approach plays an important role in serving as a pathway towards achieving sustainable development in the region.
Furthermore, the State Minister also said the plan will enable the Government and Development Partners to effectively and coherently meet humanitarian needs, promote peace, adequately restore governance, and building resilience in all parts of the Tigray region. In this regard, she elaborated on the importance of expediting the process to set up a pool fund that can adequately meet all priority sectors in the recovery plan. 
In the discussions, the Development Partners Group recognized the importance of simultaneously carrying out humanitarian assistance and recovery efforts. 
The meeting was adjourned in agreement to work jointly to determine required interventions  for the recovery plan and commence implementation as soon as possible.