Ministry of Finance - Ethiopia and AMEA POWER Partner to build Horn of Africa's Largest 300 MW Onshore Wind Project.

Dec. 4, 2023

Ethiopia's Ministry of Finance and AMEA POWER Partner to Build Horn of Africa's Largest 300 MW Onshore Wind Project. It is with great pleasure that the Ministry of Finance of Ethiopia announces the signing of a landmark agreement with AMEA POWER for the construction of the Aysha Wind Power Project. The Aysha wind energy project is poised to become the largest wind energy project in the Horn of Africa alter investing USD 600 million.

An expansive 18,000-hectare wind farm located in Ethiopia's horn of Africa region, the Aysha Wind Power Projects represents a significant milestone in the country's renewable energy sector. AMEA POWER's extensive experience in developing large-scale renewable energy projects makes it a great partner for this venture.

This agreement demonstrates the Ethiopian government's unwavering commitment to renewable energy and dedication to attracting private investment in the energy sector. Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) and the Ministry of Finance are working together to harness the region's abundant wind resources and generate clean, sustainable electricity Ethiopians growing demand for electricity.

The Aysha Wind Power Project is projected to produce approximately 1.22 Tera-Wh of electricity annually, significantly contributing to Ethiopia's power generation capacity. Furthermore, more, approximately 2,000 jobs are expected to be created during the construction and operations phases, benefiting the local economy

"The Aysha Wind Power Project will be implemented with strong government-to-government support by AMEA Power, a prominent private sector player," said Ahmed Shide, Minister of Finance of Ethiopia. Abebe Gebrchiwot of the PPP Directorate added, "This project represents a major stride in our journey towards increasing clean energy production, providing sustainable electricity to our people, and driving economic growth and job creation in the region."

The signing of this agreement with AMEA POWTR marks significant milestone. It demonstrates the Ministry of Finance's determination to attract private investments in the energy sector and increase the share of renewable energy in Ethiopia's power mix