Successful Tree Planting Program

Aug. 26, 2021

  • As part of the National Green Development Programme, the Ministry of Finance has since 2019, on annual bases, been rehabilitating 14 hectares of semi-arid land in Luma district, East Shewa zone.
  • In an effort to maximize biodiversity recovery, this year we have planted 1500 seedlings of selected species.
  • Among the species planted in the area are Acacia salign, Gravila robusta, Olea european and Accacia decarence.
  • The other measures taken by the ministry include area closure to prevent further degradation of the ecosystems, advance re-vegetation and restore the overall ecological conditions of the area.
  • Rain water harvesting structures and ponds have also been built for watering plants during the rainy season.
  • The results are seen in the significant improvements in vegetation cover, composition, density, richness and plant diversity within the area closure.
  • Furthermore, over 180 local women living in the area have been organized to engage in looking after the seedlings watering, weeding and to ensure they draw benefits from successful reforestation that takes place in their community by engaging in activities such as bee keeping.
  • In the past three years, nearly 17,000 seedlings have been planted with survival rates of above 80%.

  • This rehabilitation and reforestation work continues to be done in collaboration with Oromia Bureau of Economic Development and Cooperation and Bureau of Agriculture.
  • Success in restoration and habilitation degraded land comes from involving stakeholders and encouraged partnership between the local government, organizations, communities and individuals living in the district.