Ministry of Finance Ethiopia

Main Activities of Finance & Procurement Service Directorate

1. Preparation of Annual Procurement Plan

  1.1. Collecting the procurement request from all the Directorates & submitting the common user items to Public Procurement & Disposal Service.

  1.2. Preparing bid document and submitting to the Endorsing committee for approval.

  1.3. Selling the bidding document to the bidders.

  1.4. Evaluating and submitting the bidding documents to endorsing committee for approval.

  1.5. Providing notification letter to the winner & the loser.

  1.6. Preparing contractual agreement between the client and the suppliers.

  1.7. Submitting monthly report to Finance & Procurement Service Directorate and Quarterly procurement report to Procurement & Property Administration Agency.

2. Preparation of Cash Flow 

  2.1 Preparing monthly, quarterly & annual cash flow forecast as per the action plan.

  2.2 Conducting payments for Goods & Services.

  2.3 Conducting VAT and with-holding tax payments to ERCA at the end of each month.

  2.4 Preparing bank letter for advance periderm payments to foreign travelers.

  2.5 Preparing bank letter to annual membership fee.

  2.6 Preparing monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and yearly financial & fiscal reports.

  2.7 Preparing yearly financial report.

  2.8 Making sure the performance of auditing by Internal