Ministry of Finance Ethiopia

Treasury Directorate

Prepare a plan for collection of yearly approved government revenue budget, either tax or non-tax and make sure that it is collected accordingly and deposited at Treasury Central account.

Collect next month cash projection of public bodies so that it can be able to forecast each month’s cash need, and, prepare monthly consolidated Revenue & Expenditure forecasting.

Maintain Government Bank Account Data Base system, managing the Treasury Bank Account including the treasury central account and sub account. Furthermore, instruct NBE and CBE for opening, closing and moving an account from one branch to another if necessary?

Decide the drawing limit of public bodies, Regional states & city council administration based on their planned cash flow projections & approved  program budgeting.

    Follow up the financial activities of public funds.

Provide capacity building training on cash management, disbursement and consolidated fund administration for public bodies, Regional states & city council administrations as per their request.


 Organize and Produce monthly cash position report and submit to MOFEC higher officials on government revenue & expenditure daily situation, financed deficit from domestic borrowing and the government deposit status.

Process payments for public bodies, Regional states, city councils administrations and government commitments based on their approved budget and drawing limits.

Make sure that Public servants payroll taxes, pension contributions, other deducted and transferred to concerned bodies.

 Follow up and collect the unutilized drawing limits from public bodies on time.

Be the depository of and safeguard the federal government’s shares negotiable and non- negotiable instruments and other similar financial assets.