Ethiopia Reviews Horn of Africa Initiative Projects to Foster Regional Development

Feb. 14, 2024

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia – February 14, 2024: The Ministry of Finance hosted an in-country review of the Horn of Africa Initiative (HoAI) today to showcase Ethiopia's commitment to promoting regional integration and cooperation through this additional layer of platform. Senior government officials, agency heads, and civil society representatives came together for the meeting. The focus of the discussion was on the progress of various HoAI projects, ranging from agriculture, water and energy, roads, trade to health.

The Horn of Africa Initiative (HoAI) is a multi-faceted approach that aims to build a strong infrastructure, connect different countries through regional economic integration, support human capital development, and enhance the region's resilience. HoAI brings HOA countries together to work on four specific development pillars with the support of development partners like the World Bank, AfDB, EU, Germany, and the UK.

During the country portfolio review, more than a dozen projects were reviewed that fall under the initiatives' four pillars were discussed in detail. Ministry officials, project coordinators, and members of civil society applauded the efforts put into action, which will further collaboration among multiple stakeholders by implementing institutions, development partners, and partner countries, ensuring smooth implementation of pipeline projects.

In recent years, funding mobilization efforts for Horn of Africa Initiative projects have been impressive, with more than half of the commitment already secured from the commitment package made by Partners. Ethiopia alone has already secured $2.5 billion commitment to various HoAI projects.

In his closing remarks, the Minister of Finance, and the current Chairman of the Horn of Africa Initiative (HOAI) emphasized the importance of ongoing efforts and encouraged regular meetings to remain updated with the projects' progress. He also suggested holding such meetings every three months in the presence of senior partners and project managers, demonstrating a high level of commitment towards achieving project objectives.

This in-country review for Horn of African Initiative projects serves as the first step for evaluating the project's effectiveness formally. A thorough evaluation is planned and will take place under the direction of the Horn of Africa Secretariat.