Public Relations and Information Directorate

Nov. 20, 2020

Public Relations and Information Directorate serves the ministry as a bridge between the organization and public, a spokesperson for the organization and an outlet and inlet of information to the internal and external public.

Public Relations and Information Directorate has the following specific objectives:-

  • Lead and Coordinate the overall Public Relations and communication activity of the Ministry;
  • Develop communication strategies and plans of the ministry inline with national communication     strategies and plans;
  •  Facilitates Cooperation and dialogue between the ministry and stockholders;
  • Produces programs for broadcasting and publication purposes focusing on the policies and directives issued by the Ministry; on the implementation of projects and programs financed development partners;
  • Publicizes the activities of the Ministry using different public relation tools;
  • Establishes a system for the smooth flow of information to the directorate;
  • organizes data and makes accessible them for users;
  • Organizes press conferences for domestic and international medias;
  • Gathers, organizes and analyzes public opinions and submits the findings to the concerned bodies to improve the service delivery of the Ministry and meet the demands of its customers;
  • Undertakes media monitoring and takes corrective measures whenever wrong/negative information is aired or published to sustain the positive image of the organization;
  • Plays a pivotal role in creating a conducive working environment for the employees through organizing different events;
  • Uploads information on the Ministry’s website and updates them in regular basis.
  • Responds for inquiries, from public and other bodies about the Ministry;
  • Serves as implementing agent for Freedom of the Mass Media and Access to Information, Proc. 590/2008 in the Ministry